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Quand ? Du 25/08/2018 à 15:00
au 26/08/2018 à 22:00
Où ? Ath
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Every fourth weekend of August, thousands of visitors gather in Ath to celebrate the famous Ducasse, a popular feast more than 5 centuries old (UNESCO Heritage).

Saturday 25th August : The giants get married !

At midday the bell rings to open the festivities.  Goliath and his wife arrive in town around 2.30 pm and walk to St-Julian's accompanied by a group of French soldiers "Les bleus".  The vespers called "Wedding" are celebrated in the presence of the local authorities.  Later, around 6 pm, the newly-weds go back to the townhall where a contest takes place between the shepherd David and the Giant Goliath just like in the Bible.  The scene goes back to the Middle Ages.

Sunday 26th August :

At 9 am and again at 3 pm, the parade with bands, historical groups, floats and the famous giants crosses the streets of the town.