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Despite its turbulent history, Ath has preserved an interesting civil, military and religious heritage. On request, the Tourist Office organises guided visits of the town.

The oldest witness to our heritage is without doubt the Burbant Tower, built in the 12th century by Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut. The tower is listed as a major element of the Heritage of Wallonia.

On the Grand'Place, the Hôtel de Ville (17th century) regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. This is also where the collections of the Jeux de Paume National Museum are housed.

Nearby, the parish churches of Saint-Martin (16th century) and Saint-Julien (15th and 19th centuries) are well worth visiting.

As you walk along the streets, ancient residences with their fine façades in blue stone will attract your attention.

Stone calvary of Mainvault

On the outskirts of the town, the Marquise windmill in Moulbaix and the White Windmill in Ostiches are still operating. Take the time to visit Mainvault, at the edge of the Pays des Collines, to discover a very fine stone calvary on the hill.

A little further on, in Houtaing, is the Oultremont mausoleum, which impresses visitors with its flamboyant neo-Gothic architecture. In short, each village has its own little particularities to explore during your signposted walks.

For more information: Le patrimoine du Pays d'Ath, 1976-2006, in the collection Les Guides du Patrimoine d'Ath n° 3, catalogue published by the Ath Tourist Office, 71 pp. Price: €7 (a more exhaustive work on the heritage is also available for €25). Available from the boutique.