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The Gallo Roman Museum



The Gallo Roman Museum displays remarkable well-preserved ships from the Roman era, which were found in Pommeroeul with rich archaeological findings. 

Most of the museum’s collection originate from the vicus (town) of Pommeroeul, a small town enjoying a special position as the meeting point of a road (Bavay-Blicquy) and a river (the Haine).

Its location probably gave it a predominant role in commerce and crafts in the regions to the north of the ancient town of Bavay. The vicus was found by chance in the 1970s, buried beneath wet soil, during digging work on the new Mons-Condé canal. 

Today, thanks to its striking remains, we have greater insight into navigation, technical skills and other aspects of life in antiquity.

Photo Jan D'Hondt

The objects speak

The Gallo Roman Museum leaves the objects "to speak for themselves", by bringing scientific knowledge and the public’s knowledge closer together, distinguishing authentic objects from reconstitutions.

The further we go back in time, the more the collections come to life. As visitors go up from one floor to the next, they delve more deeply into the private lives of the objects, as if they were making a journey back in time from today to the second century A.D.

Guided by boats

From a spatial point of view, the visitor, with or without a guide, progressively “zooms in” on the site, beginning with an aerial view, passing via the boats, and ending with the evocation of daily life during antiquity.

A fictional character, Rufus, a boatman accompanies the visitor, bringing to life the wharves, the fishermen and daily life, while leaving intact the strong emotional dimension of the ancient objects.

At the reception desk, visitors receive a "smart" ticket: a sesterce allowing them to operate the different video monitors that can be found all over the museum. At the boutique a large number of works devoted to archaeology are on sale, as well as attractive reproductions of antique objects.

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