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The collections

              The barge (2nd/3rd century AD)

The Gallo Roman Museum puts on display archaeological Gallo Roman remains from Ath and surroundings.

Through a range of media (interactive models, audio-visual material, etc.), the museum presents exceptional pieces offering a panorama of the daily life of the Gallo Romans.

Built for river commerce, the 41,6 feet-long barge (originally 59 ft)  dates back to the 2nd or 3rd century AD.  This boat is incontestably the main piece of the collection.

The archaeological heritage is enhanced by the furniture items on display, mainly originating from the Pommeroeul archaeological site, but also from other local sites.

Most of the preserved collections belong to the Walloon Regional Authorities and to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. They are completed by objects lent by private collectors.