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The collections

At its opening in 2000, the House of the Giants only had its own collections. The interpretation centre is organised around audio-visual displays presenting the different aspects of the phenomenon of model giants. Some items had already been given by the town of Ath; others were donated by partner towns and other institutions.

Since then, the museum has developed an active policy to increase its collections. The main aim is to enrich the permanent collection and to have a better focus on the different themes relating to popular culture.

Over the last few years, we have made a large number of acquisitions.

In this way, the collection of posters devoted to giants has been enlarged. Lithographs have also been added.

A series of objects look at the way the giants are created. The Wallonia-Brussels Federation has acquired a range of objects and donated them to our museum.

Recently, a piece portraying Goliath has been added to the collection. Although Goliath did not take part in the processions in Amsterdam, he stood for a long time in a public park in the form of a 4.86-metre statue. The statue is currently kept at the Amsterdam Museum.